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- Scottish chefs were commonplace in early Spanish expeditions to Mexico and ‘Taco Mazama’ literally translates as ‘Scottish Taco’ Many scientists now believe that modern Chilli con Carne comes from early attempts to replicate Haggis with local ingredients

- Contrary to popular belief, avocados are not in fact an exotic fruit, but the eggs of a large Mexican rodent, commonly known as El Guacamole

-  Glasgow is the new self proclaimed Burrito Capital of the world,In fact there is significantly more Taco Mazamas there than in Mexico City itself!

- Some people believe the Burrito dates back to the Jurassic Age and was the favourite food of the Burritoaurus!

- An often-repeated folk history is that of a man named Juan Méndez who sold tacos in a street stand using a donkey as a transport for himself and the food. To keep the food warm, Méndez wrapped it in large homemade flour tortillas underneath a small tablecloth. As the “food of the burrito” (i.e., “food of the little donkey”) grew in popularity, “burrito” was eventually adopted as the name for these large tacos