All Up in Your Grill: Mazama Door to Door Deliveries

Have you been blasting those bulges recently? Keeping up with your cardio session or feeling the burn at the weights bench? Maybe you’re still living life like it’s 2011 and an avid Zumba-goer. However you get your exercise quotas filled you’re probably feeling pressured to hop on the gym-bunny bandwagon – are we right or are we right? We miss the days when the mantra du jour was Work Hard/Play Hard. Now, we have to Work Hard/Play Hard/Pump Iron Harder. But what about when it’s lunchtime on a Monday, the email inbox is bursting at the seams and you just can’t be bothered getting out of your chair?

Luckily for all you chilli-chasers who like to work hard but not do the hard work when it comes to midday munching, Taco Mazama deliveries are just a button click away. At two-and-fifty of your British Pounds (£2.50 to the modern-day minded) it’s a small price to pay for convenience – just sit back and relax at work or home for our packaged deliciousness to wing its way to you. If you’re in G1 – G5, G11, 12, 20 and some sneaky parts of G31 and 41, you’re on our hit list – in a good way, we only want to deliver tasty fast-food with a healthy twist, we’re not the Godfather.

Menu-A4But, wait a minute, what about those all those extra emissions – shouldn’t we all be using our feet and saving the planet one step at a time? Who needs delivery when we’ve got ready made biological transporters – legs, in other words – at our disposal? Don’t worry Mazama fans, we’ve got your environmental footprint covered as well as you appetite with our Enviro couriers! And when Friday comes around so does our bonus to all you work hard/eat better folks, with free deliveries on web orders between 12pm and 5pm from Central, Byres Road and Hanover Street branches.

Making lunch is one more chore you can do without, and since we’re all striving to get Insta-fit for the summer sweating it out after work, now’s the time to take in what we’ve got on offer for door to door delivery. £6.49 will swing it for a regular size corn filled goodie and to make it a monster go for king size at just £9.99. Make a bad day all better with spicy Mexican fries for £2.99 and fizzy drink goodness for £1.99. We feel a foodie feeding frenzy coming on just thinking about it!

You’ve made the best decision of the day ordering chargrilled chicken quesadilla or chorizo burrito bowl, now’s the time to top it all off and celebrate that climactic munching moment with desert fit for a king (or fit for any office worker, anywhere, who’s just got through another day) – churros at the ready! Nothing says “today is a good day” like fried dough pastry and chocolate sauce, all exclusively yours for £3.49.

So take a load off today and get your Taco takeout right where it needs to be – in front of your face. Glasgow isn’t famed for its sunny skies so take cover inside and let us do the footwork. When the weather is bad the food is good, and if the weather gets good give the day a boost with a Taco Mazama delivery delight.