Focus your Lunch-lust

Lunch-Deal-2Whoever said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day was wrong. Well, we’re not going to dispute the nutritional importance of the thing but anyone who’s worked in any job, ever, will know what we mean when we say that the real high point in any day is lunchtime. Why? Well, frankly, lunch-lust can while away plenty of that office dead-zone time and there’s nothing quite like satisfying the dream during your midday hour of freedom.

Obviously we know you’re all itching to find out just what this “lunch-lust” is all about (okay maybe you just want to get to the bit about what’s on the menu, but humour us). It’s only most important part of the workday! It’s those dreamy minutes spent fantasising about the array of fine foods that could be about to grace your palette during break time. Maybe you’ve brought in leftovers from last night’s takeaway and the microwave is sitting patiently on stand-by to ignite it all back into life. Or perhaps there’s a killer homemade sandwich lying in wait in the staff fridge with all your favourite bits and pieces on, paying no heed paid to the calorie count.

Cheap eats from home are great from time to time but lunch-lust cranks up the gears most when you’re heading out – out through the doors and into streets of the city never to return! (Joke, please don’t quit your job in favour of burrito hunting – we know it’s a delicious endeavour but it really won’t pay the bills.) When you’re faced with the veritable plethora  – using the big words because lunch is a serious matter – of foodie franchises out there you’ve got to have an eagle-eye to spot a deal.

Enter the Taco Mazama lunch deal! Okay, the name needs a bit of work but the price is definitely spot on. For fewer than five of your British Pounds you’ll become the proud owner of a small burrito, quesadilla or fajita, a glass of finest fizzy pop and fruit or tortilla chips as a side… the owner that is, until you scoff it all in a fit of delight!

Now that your lunch-lust has been focused in our direction, you have to decide what’s going to adorn those corn creations. Will it be succulent shredded beef chilli in your burrito or veggie chilli bringing the fire to a fajita? Chargrilled marinated chicken quesadillas always sound like a good thing, but might just be pipped to the post by slow cooked barbecue pork? Remember too that our salsa comes in three flavours and strengths. Got the Monday bleary-eyed blues? Test yourself with our extra hot Diablo salsa and wake up to the world. Or if it’s a Friday treat you’re after, throw the diet out the window and pile your plate high with salsa, sour cream and cheese because, why not? If you’re feeling peckish then research shows you should upgrade to Regular size (disclaimer: research conducted entirely in-store and based on the size of smile on customer’s face when upgrading to the big-daddy of burritos) to fill up before you face the mammoth task that is another four hours in the office – an extra couple of quid will do it.

So, next time you find yourself lusting after lunch goodies instead of finishing that report, get out there and satisfy your craving, being sure to give your wallet something to smile about and make your taste buds sing with a Taco Mazama lunch deal.