From Ours to Yours With Love…and for Free

Friday-InstagramWhen are you reading this? Tuesday? Thursday? The midweek tipping point famously known as Wednesday afternoon? Whichever day it is, we know that you’re probably about ready for a treat. Just something small, a quick break to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done so far…

Not so hasty though! Don’t splurge all your treat points halfway through your five day stint. It’s a scientific fact – according to Taco Mazama HQ – that Friday is the day for frivolity! You want to plan ahead though, don’t you? Just give yourself that little bit of advance info to be able to truly see the light at the end of the tunnel, the final curtain coming down, that end of the week success on the horizon… and other such clichés.

Because we’re a helpful bunch here at Taco Mazama, we want to give you the little nudge you need. We know that the Friday feast is on your mind with no heed paid to the fact you’ll still have three and half hours to battle your way through afterwards – report writing is easy-peasy when you’ve got a belly-full of burrito, isn’t it? So to help enhance your daydreaming of a steaming hot chargrilled chicken quesadilla (we are truly mind-readers!), here’s a little bit of insider information: Free. Delivery. Friday.

Are they not the sweetest three words ever to grace the page? And better yet, they’re true! Well, we wouldn’t lie to you, would we? We’re pleased as punch to offer all you chili-chasers the opportunity to order your favourite Taco Mazama delight from the comfort of your office chair and for no extra pennies.

Let us paint the picture for you: Friday lunchtime has just made its beautiful self known. The office energy levels are slowing down, everyone’s on their fourth cup of coffee that day and it’s raining. Of course it is, we’re in Glasgow. You want, nay, need a beef and chorizo chili fajita. At this point, life truly depends on it but you know, the office chair is just so comfy and outside is so cold and why do you have to get up and move to get the things you want it life?! Over the top? Perhaps a little but we all know that the Friday slump can be a real barrier between you and your favourite lunch. So, here’s the plan: open up ye olde internet, search for us (plug alert, it’s, choose from Byres Road, Glasgow Central or Hanover Street branches, place your order, sit back and stick the kettle on because why the hell wouldn’t you have coffee number five in celebration of the planets aligning, and a taco taking the trip to your place without your wallet getting involved?

We don’t know about you but that sounds just about perfect for a Friday afternoon, does it not? Our Friday free deliveries are for orders made between 12pm and 5pm, a nice wide window of opportunity we think you’ll agree! So if you like your lunch to arrive at your desk with zero effort, zero extra cashola and faster than you can say “mucho gracias” then get your clicking finger ready and mosey on over to the Mazama site to make the dream real.