Our goal is to eliminate use of all single use plastic and non recyclable packaging completely. We
have already discontinued the use of plastic straws in all branches and serve takeout coffee in 100%
compostable cups (including the lids)
We are in the process of phasing out all plastic cutlery and are replacing this with a combination of
compostable disposable cutlery for takeout and washable stainless steel cutlery for sit in customers
We are also working on finding an alternative to plastic portion containers for sauces

Food Waste

All our food waste is recycled, and we are also working on minimising the amount produced by
teaming up with the 2Good2Go app to sell any excess food each day


We partner with EcoRunners bike couriers to ensure that all our home deliveries are made by bicycle courier

Vegan Alternatives

We currently offer at least the same number of vegan dishes as meat based ones in our Byres Rd and
Renfield St branches and plan to match this at our Buchanan Galleries branch shortly